Péter Závada, Zsolt Ürmös and Liliom Productions:

My Mother is Driving Me Mad


The story of My Mother is Driving Me Mad

Does flash-photography drive penguins to extinction? Is it cool to steal plastic cutlery above the Pacific Ocean? And most of all: what is it like to grow up as the daughter of the least conventional mother? My Mother is Driving Me Mad is a two-person performance by Rita Tallós and Paula Barbinek. This brave experiment is the creation of a new performance genre. It mixes stand-up comedy with the comebacks of conversational theatre pieces and heart-wrenchingly personal family dramas. “This is a piece about the mother-daughter relationship. It is about the inner battle of daughters seeking and rejecting their mother’s approval, about wanting and not wanting to be like their mothers at the same time.” In this latest piece from Liliom Productions, the actors combine their own life stories with a funny, autobiographically inspired text written by the American Sue Fabisch, mixed with lots and lots of humour and kindness. In Rita Tallós’s words: “I believe the audience will love this comedy, as it deals with topic that is never discussed and is missing from the world of theatre, yet it affects everyone.”

Pamela: Paula Barbinek
Rose: Rita Tallós

Director: Timea Szőlőskei

Written by: Péter Závada, Zsolt Ürmös and Liliom Productions
Dramaturg: Péter Závada
Choreography: Andrea Tallós
Music: Márton Lombos
Scenery: István Fodor

Costume: Colorado Fashion
Lighting: Dávid Kovács
Consultant director: Miklós Varga
Prompt: Erika Dobos
Photo: Dániel Török


The production in pictures

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