Sue Fabisch:


the Musical


The story of Motherhood, the Musical

The birth of a child is just the first ordeal… Motherhood lasts a lifetime.


Sue Fabisch’s legendary musical, which was a worldwide hit, is finally available for Hungarian audiences.

Heavily pregnant Amy is throwing a baby shower. Her guests are Barbara, an over-emotional full-time housewife, Brooke, a workaholic, constantly stressed lawyer, and Tina, a divorced single mother with compliance compulsion issues, to provide good advice to the pregnant host, whose ideas about motherhood are very naive.

But that is soon to change, thanks to her three guests.

Motherhood, the Musical is an honest and incredibly funny look at what it means to be a parent. Whether you are a black-belt mother or a young new mother, this 90-minute-long musical comedy is guaranteed to make you feel better.

What more could a mother wish for?

The English language original has been played in sold-out venues for ten years without a break on four continents. Liliom Productions is finally introducing the worldwide musical to Hungarian audiences. Enjoy every minute of this exhilarating emotional rollercoaster!

The performance includes familiar tunes from other famous musicals, for all to enjoy.

Amy: Linda Király
Barbara: Timea Szőlőskei
Brooke: Linda Fekete
Tina: Adrienn Fehér

Written by: Sue Fabisch
Composer: Johnny Rogers
Costume: Janó Papp
Scenery: Yvette Alida Kovács
Props: Bea Kocsis
Choreographer: Andrea Tallós
Music director: Márton Lombos
Corrector: Richárd Révész

Translated by: Paula Barbinek
Song translations: Szilvia Bach, Márton Lombos
Assistent director: Miklós Varga
Visuals: Tamás Mundrucz

Director: Rita Tallós


Rita Tallós is a full-blooded boulevard director. Her many hit productions have proven her talent for selecting works that will go on to be a success. Her most successful production as a director is Menopause, which has been a sell-out performance in Játékszín Theatre for years. Motherhood, the Musical is the first production of Liliom Productions female theatre.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Sue Fabisch (Author)

Sue Fabisch is an award-winning songwriter and author, whose play, Motherhood the Musical, has been entertaining international audiences for more than a decade, to sell-out shows everywhere. The musical has been a hit everywhere, from Japan to Australia and from Great Britain to the United States. The musical’s songs won the Radio Disney Award. Additionally, Sue album of her own songs is in the top 10 of the Billboard Magazine Comedy Chart. Her CD “The Avon Lady Album”, featuring songs to inspire and motivate Avon Ladies, was marketed by Avon for their 3 million representatives worldwide.

Formerly from New Jersey, Sue has three kids (four if you count her husband), and lives in Nashville, TN.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Johnny Rodgers (composer)

Johnny Rodgers is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, a Broadway veteran, and ambassador for American music. Johnny has won the New York Nightlife, Bistro and MAC awards so far for his performances at Carnegie Hall, at Jazz, at Lincoln Center, and other premier clubs. In recognition of his work as a songwriter, he received awards from the Billboard and ASCAP Foundations.



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Linda Király

Internationally renowned, multiple award-winning singer. She was born to Hungarian parents in New York. She became an overnight hit in Hungary aged 17 with her hit “Szerelem az Utolsó vérig”, as well as the title music for the reality show, Big Brother. Following many hit songs, she signed a contract with Universal Records and has worked with artists such as Rodney Jerkins, Ryan Leslie, Mousse T, Walter Affanasieff, Pras Michel of the Fugees, as well as Diane Warren and Bob Sinclair. One of the highlights of her carrier was her duet with Eric Benet on her double Grammy nominated album, Love and Life. She was also featured in the Olympics song for 2004. She’s also worked successfully in the theatre; she was personally chosen by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber to play Christine in the Phantom of the Opera. Linda’s amazing voice bridging 5 octaves and her heartfelt dynamic performances make her one of the most powerful singer-performers of her generation.

Timea Szőlőskei

Timea Szőlőskei was born in Hatvan and later she moved to Budapest with her family. She studied in the studios of the Arany János Theatre and the New Theatre. In 1995, she applied for the auditions for West Side Story in Szolnok and became a member of the Szigligeti Theatre in Szolnok until 2000. During her years in Szolnok, she received “Actor I” qualification with the help of Mari Törőcsik.

She was contracted to the Budapest Chamber Theatre from 2001 to 2012 and became a freelance artist in 2012. She’s regularly performed in the productions of the Játékszín Theatre and Vidám Színpad Theatre since 2012. She was a solo singer at the Komédiás Restaurant for many years. She also works as a voice actor and has acting roles in commercials. One of her most well-known and most successful roles as a voice actor was the role of Rose in Two and a Half Men. She received the Lajos Kránitz Prize in 2016.

Linda Fekete

She was born in Szarvas on 3 May, 1978. Her mother is of Russian descent. Her father was a diplomat and she lived in Brasil with her family for five years.
After she graduated from high school, she enrolled in the Mária Gór Nagy drama school. She graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Theatre and Film in 2009. She founded her band Fekete Linda & Rio Brasil in 2000. She released a solo record in the same year, entitled “Álomelnök úr”. The album was produced by Péter Gerendás, who also wrote the majority of the songs for the album. Her second album was released in 2003, entitled “Az utolsó szó a szerelemé”.
She was still a drama student when she started her film carrier. She played in two episodes of the film “Zsaruvér vagy Csigavér” with István Bujtor. Péter Tímár’s 2009 movie, Casting brought her fame. She was a member of the Weöres Sándor Theatre in Szombathely from 2011 to 2019.

Adrienn Fehér

Adrienn Fehér started her career in 1995 as a founding member of the Vörösmarty Theatre Company in Székesfehérvár. She worked at the Petőfi Theatre in Sopron, the Kisfaludy Theatre in Győr, and the Petőfi Theatre in Veszprém. She is currently a member of the Turay Ida Theatre and the Madách Theatre. She played her first mother role as Karola in RTL’s television drama, “Oltári csajok” (Heavenly Chicks). 🙂

As a singer, she worked with Gábol Presser, Charlie, Andrea Malek, and Zsuzsa Cserháti, who considers Adrienn her successor. She has performed on 2 albums as the singer of the Budapest Jazz Orchestra. She is a guest performer with several big bands. She’s won many prestigious international music awards with her jazz band, Singer Street. She received the EreRTon Prize in 1999.

She is a musical director, music and choir teacher.

Her main role is motherhood, she is a mother of two young teenagers.

Paula Barbinek

She was born to a family of artists in Budapest on 1 August 1990.
She trained as an actor in the studio of the New Theatre between 2010 and 2013.
From 2013 to 2018, she worked on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.
In 2020, he became a founding member of Liliom Productions. She appears as a stand in the company’s first production and as a lead in the second production.

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